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It’s wonderful that you are looking to enter into this next chapter of your lives together. There have been many spectacular weddings held at London Gospel Temple and we are looking forward to yours being one of them.

Please read through this information and fill out the application form below.

“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Matthew 19:4b-6 NIV

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Couples will spend, on average, 250 hours planning their wedding but virtually none on the more important aspect of pre-marriage counseling. Those being married by Pastors of London Gospel Temple will be required to complete a pre-marriage counseling program.

What is the program?

Couples will be asked to watch a DVD program called “The Marriage Preparation course”. This DVD set is “designed to help any couple develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage.” It will help in answering many of your questions and bring up issues and ideas you may not have otherwise thought about before your marriage.

Another tool we use is a strictly confidential online questionnaire. The link to this will be emailed to both the bride and groom and they can log onto the website and answer the questions. This questionnaire is designed to bring to light differences and similarities in many areas of your lives and help you understand each other in a deeper way.

After you have completed the DVD set and the online questionnaire you will contact the church and a face-to-face counseling session will be scheduled. During this appointment you will be able to discuss any questions you may have from the DVD program and go over the questionnaire results.

How is the program administered?

The DVD set will be borrowed from the church. You will each be given workbooks that go with the program. (Please return the DVDs once you have finished them.)


The program is $12.00 to cover the cost for the two manuals. Manuals can be purchased through the church or online at .

Further Resources

We also recommend you purchase the Alpha Organizations’ book called, “The Marriage Book”. You can order this book or the church can order it for you. The cost of this book is approximately $14.00.

Process Leading Up to Your Wedding

Booking Process

 Fill out an application and hand it into the church. Or call the church office to establish a date and book the facilities, if approved by the Pastoral team.

 The Lead Pastor will send a letter confirming the above. Two copies of the London Gospel Temple Wedding policy will be enclosed with your letter (one copy to sign and return and the other to keep). A $100 deposit is required at this time to “hold” the date and time for the wedding (remainder due one week prior to your wedding).

Counseling Process

 Approved applicants will be asked to complete a confidential online questionnaire as well as a pre-marriage counseling program.

Legal Process

 Couples will have the option of purchasing a marriage license from the municipality a few weeks prior to the wedding or having “Banns”. Banns are free and only available to couples who have not previously been married and are regular attendees at London Gospel Temple. You can find detailed information and forms at

Marriage License

A license currently costs $135, please check the government website for up to date costs and information. This document requires signatures from both the bride and groom and the application can also be found at the government website along with a list of accepted ID. After acquiring the license the couple has a three-month time period to be married within, otherwise they will need to apply for a new license. This license will be completed during the wedding ceremony.


This form is provided by the church. The upcoming marriage of the couple will be announced at the Sunday service the couple regularly attends two weeks prior to the ceremony. The form will be filled out ahead of time with help from the church office. The document is signed during the ceremony by the groom, bride, two witnesses (generally being the maid of honour and the best man) and the Pastor performing the ceremony.

Obtaining a Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is the legal record of a marriage. After your marriage the church will send either your completed marriage license or Banns form to Service Ontario. Approximately 6-8 weeks after the marriage it is the couple’s responsibility to contact Service Ontario and order a Marriage Certificate. This can be done online at:

You can also find additional information on changing your name at the Ontario website stated previously. For marriages that will take place outside of Canada or Ontario please find the link at the previously mentioned website or go directly to:

Offsite Weddings with one of our Pastors

For offsite weddings where couples request one of our Pastors to perform the ceremony, please fill out the application form ensuring you complete the bottom section of the form.

For offsite weddings couples will still be required to go through our pre-marriage counseling process. You will also need to look through the other information regarding planning your service and choosing vows.

Please be sure to confirm one month in advance the location, address and time of the rehearsal and wedding, especially in instances where accommodations will need to be made ahead of time.

Ceremony + Technical Details


A rehearsal of the wedding ceremony generally takes place the evening before the wedding. Rehearsal time will need to be confirmed one week prior to the wedding. This will ensure we can inform the Pastor and sound technician in advance. You may be asked to schedule your rehearsal around church events and activities if needed. Remember to contact all those involved in your ceremony and wedding party as well.


We are happy to accommodate varying types of musical styles and formats for your wedding day. We only ask that your musical choices do not take away from the dignity and reverence for the church. We would ask you to discuss music choices with the officiating Pastor beforehand.

Music can be in the format of live musicians, CDs and mp3s. In instances where CDs and MP3s are to be used, we require the music a week prior to the wedding. This will ensure we have the correct file types and are able to play it on our equipment in the format provided. Please note that the church does not provide musicians, soloists or instruments. However, the piano is available for your use.

Sound and Projection

A sound technician will be at your rehearsal. This is where music can be tested and/or live instrumentalists and soloists can practice as well. Below is what our sound technician typically provides. If you require more please let the church office know.

 1 microphone for Bride and Groom

 1 microphone for the pastor

 1 microphone for a soloist

Please let the church office know a week prior to your wedding if you will have any projection needs for things such as song lyrics, pictures, slides, Scriptures etc. Most weddings do not require a projectionist so please advise us if you need one provided.


London Gospel Temple gives you freedom in decorating the sanctuary in the way that you desire. We only ask you to consider a few details.

 The decorations should not damage rugs, walls or furniture.

 Adhesive materials should not be used on painted surfaces.

Use of candles should be discussed with church administration beforehand to ensure fire regulations are followed.

All decorations need to be removed immediately following the ceremony.

 Fire exit signs cannot be obscured and should be clearly visible.

 Carpet must be protected from dripping candles (if applicable).

 Confetti and/or rice are not permitted on the church grounds.

The church does not provide decorations but does have two large white arches that can be used if desired. We do not have pillars, table-cloths or small tables. Couples are encouraged to bring their own items if they have specific tastes or plans for how they would like the sanctuary to look. If extensive backdrops or large elements of the stage are desired to be moved or re-arranged, please discuss your plans in detail with office administration for approval.


Honorariums are financial gifts that the couple may wish to give to those involved in their wedding. Pastors are often asked about the average honorarium gift they receive, though they never ask for anything.

These average honorarium is generally around $250-$300, but may be more or less. The amount depends on the family and/or couple being married and what they feel to be an appropriate gift.

In instances where weddings are offsite and travel is involved, honorariums are typically increased. If overnight accommodations are required for the Pastor, this is also generally taken into consideration when deciding on an appropriate amount.

Other people who may be given honorariums are musicians, soloists and projectionists.

Cost of Facility Rental
  • Sanctuary Rental for ceremony $350.00
  • Heritage Hall Rental for ceremony $200.00
Wedding Checklist

Staring the process

□ Application submitted

□ Dates and times approved

□ Pastor performing the ceremony confirmed

□ Wedding policy signed and returned to church

□ Deposit of $100 received by church

Pre-marriage counseling initiated

□ Online questionnaire completed

One month prior

Pre-marriage counseling complete

Location, time and date of ceremony & rehearsal confirmed with Pastor (in offsite instances)

□ Couple has decided on Banns or license

□ Rehearsal and Ceremony time confirmed

One Week Prior

□ Remainder of rental cost paid

□ Music for ceremony approved by Pastor

Set-up has been discussed with Administration

□ Music files received by church (where applicable)

□ Projectionist has been requested (where applicable)

□ Administration is informed of instruments/soloists

□ Vows selected and submitted to the church office

□ Order of service finalized and submitted to the church office

Rehearsal Day

□ Decorations set up

Day of Ceremony

□ Honorariums administered to appropriate people

□ Decorations removed

□ Banns or Marriage license completed

Wedding Application Form
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